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Lynn Betts
Mortgage Agent

For Realtors

A note for RealtorsA Note for Realtors…

Successful agents recognize the importance of personal and professional client service. They work hard. They are dedicated. And most importantly, they deliver! For those who believe in quality service, such an approach is the only way to do business.

We have listened when Realtors have told us:

  • Give me fast effective service, and make me feel like you want my business.
  • Be accessible, I want talk to someone who can make decisions.
  • Don’t keep me, or my clients waiting for an answer.
  • Work with me to find a way to make the deal happen.
  • Give my clients a great rate.

The process starts with a simple phone call or e-mail on your part, and some good listening on our part. There’s no obligation, but your customers will enjoy getting a mortgage the Upper Canada Funding way.

If you have any comments or questions, or if you would like more information, please email lynnbetts58@gmail.com.

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